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Japanese Bone-Tendon-Ligament Integration Basics

(Treat Stubborn Spine-Back-Hip-Neck conditions)

  • Japanese Bone-Tendon-Ligament Integration (JBTLI), founded by Dr. Ryan Pedersen, is a system derived from a compilation of of traditional Japanese medicine therapies/theories, plus modern medicine's understanding of the receptors roles in stabilizing connective tissue and bone structures. The goal of the therapy is to create harmony and balance between the bony structures and their influential connective tissues, meridians, and organs. JBTLI treatments focus on the root cause of the ailment, the abnormalities in the structures (organs, meridians, and connective tissue) that support and feed the spine/boney structures rather than the spine/boney structures themselves. By correcting these abnormalities, the spine and bone structures will instinctively return to a state of normalcy and function appropriately with the surrounding connective tissue.  

  • In this system, the therapist initiates manual stimulation of the receptors found in the connective tissues and acupressure points in conjunction with subtle movements performed by the patient simultaneously. These techniques are administered with very light pressure, have no side effects, extremely safe and effective, results can be seen visually, and most people experience noticeable improvements within minutes. Many times this method can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery, pain medication, and long term chiropractic care. The student will learn simple unique assessment skills to be able to identify abnormalities in various structures of the body that are often missed by other health care professionals in both western and alternative medicine practices.

  • This method is a great health modality that will enhance the health care professionals (physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, MD, acupuncturist, nurse, etc.), abilities to deal with stubborn and chronic back, hip, and neck conditions. 

  • This JBTLI is not associated with chiropractic care, treatments, or methodology.‚Äč 

  • Other supportive therapies will be covered in these seminars in conjunction with the main principal treatments of the JBTLI system.

  • Japanese Bone-Tendon-Ligament Integration basic course is a total 15 hours of ceus. This course will enhance your clinic results and increase patient/client volume.

  •  Ryan Pedersen, D.O.M., L.Ac., C.M.T. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, Licensed Acupuncturist in Idaho and a Certified Massage Therapist). He has been practicing medicine for over 11 years and much of his education comes from institutions in the United States and China. Traditional Asian Medicine is his primary field of practice (acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage) with medical specialties in spinal conditions, neurological disorders, pain, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. He is also an educator and has lectured at various schools and institutions both here and abroad.

  • For registration please call 208-376-7172